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Takram was asked by the Moovel Lab to help them realise an alternative vision of urban travel based on resources we have readily available to us today.
Imagine if we could use free space on trucks, trains, and cars to help people travel from point A to point B. With this in mind The Moovel Box was born - a speculative design project proposing a service that “piggy backs” on logistics systems and existing infrastructure to satisfy our mobility needs. As part of the project, Takram designed several personal mobility pods that form part of an on-demand pick up and drop off service. The pods incorporated many key features to aid the passengers comfort including; How can I work? How do I know where I am? What happens in an emergency? What happens if I need to use a restroom?

This project was not intended to be fully realised as a public offering, but instead is part of Moovel Lab’s ongoing research to explore new ideas, roles, contexts and approaches for the future of mobility.

A promotional film for the project can be found here.

Project Details
Year: 2016

Agency: Takram
Concept & Direction: Moovel Lab
Design: Lukas Franciszkiewicz & Owen Wells (Takram)
Film: David Leonard
Model Making: Studio Make Create
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