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Embarrassed Robots from Owen Wells Studio on Vimeo.


Owen Wells Studio worked on the visual effects for Embarrassed Robots, a short film directed by the Artist & Designer Soomi Park. The project Embarrassed Robots questions whether emerging intelligent technologies will need to adopt human expressions and emotions in order to integrate better into our lives. In addition to the work for the film we also collaborated on the concept development, and provided a series of prototype animations to inform the design direction of the robot.

Visit the Embarrassed Robots Website.

Project Details
Year: 2017

Project by Soomi Park
Design collaboration - Hyung-ok Park
Electronics - Mike VanisMatt Jarvis

Film Credits
Director - Soomi Park

Henry Leroy-Salta (Wolf – Guy)

Annabel Medland (Gabbie -Girl)
Ken Stamp (Anton – Postman)


Cinematography - Bertrand Rocourt
Sound Design - Adam Woodhams
Animation - Owen Wells

Modelling - Hyung-ok Park
Compositing - Hiroki Yokoyama
Filming Assistant - Ira Pappa
Hair and makeup - Samantha Coles
Costume - Alice McPhail, Eszter Vas
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