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Takram designed a creative experience for Sony’s unique Life Space UX products such as 4K Ultra Short Throw Projector, Portable Ultra Short Throw Projector, and Glass Sound Speaker. The experience is set within the residence of J.H. Vincent, a fictional sci-fi author, as he is about to begin writing his latest book… “We Build Worlds”. In his apartment, we explored how we can transform our domestic space through the creative use of audio and visual augmentation.

To best convey the concept of LSUX, “unlocking the potential hidden in everyday space”, we used the projectors and speakers as means to bring narratives into life. The fictional character J.H. Vincent and his apartment serve as a platform for these narratives. Embedded in his apartment, LSUX products augment his sci-fi imagination and navigate visitors into this expanded domestic space where the boundary between real and fiction is blurred.

A promotional film for the project can be found here.

Project Details
Year: 2017
Agency: Takram
Client: Sony Life Space UX
Design, technology and direction: Yosuke Ushigome and Owen Wells (Takram)
Space design and styling: Renee Verhoeven (Takram)
Graphic design collaborator: Studio PSK, Giulia Garbin
Sound design: Ben Williams

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