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Motion Capture Avatars 01 / 02 / 03

Avatars 01/02/03 were part of one of 4 installations built by Unit Lab for The Edge Arts Bath's Summer show. Each installations was designed to bring a new technology to life; AI, 3d printing, VR and Motion Capture.

One of the problems with creating models for motioncapture is that the geometry needs to be defromed properly by the movement of the motion capture performer. This process, known as weighting, can be time consuming to setup and test, and as the project timline was very short we knew there would not be enough time for this. To remove the need weighting the skeleton structure was built from simple primitve objects that could rotate without the need for deformation. We then applied this logioc to the the rest of the body, building each as a collection of various simple objects overlayed on top of one another - as if the avatars had put themselves togther a bit like a Hermit crab.

Finally, in reference to the use of motion capture the avatars were finished with masks to cover their faces.

Project Details
Year / 2018 Client / Unit Lab
Project Direction - Unit Lab
Visual Collaboration - Owen Wells

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